The Power of Love Vs. Ego

Lyza Whitney
4 min readFeb 26, 2021

What we want holds an excruciating power over all of us. What you fantasize about, what you envy, what you know you can get, but haven’t yet, and what simply comes naturally to you — all of it — holds a prominence in our minds. And yet if you allow those things to take hold over you, and define the worthiness of you, or your life — they control you and how you feel.

I’d like to tell you something that hopefully is quite freeing to you —

You are not defined by what you have. You are defined by what you experience innately.

From my instagram, @Lyzawhit
From my instagram, @Lyzawhit (it’s not all bad there!)

That ideal relationship — that house on the beach — the amount of people you have helped — your job title… Guess what. None of these things have power over you, your confidence, or your happiness, unless you allow them to.

Let me ask you a question. When you walk into a room full of well-dressed people, and you do not have on the nicest clothing — do you feel a sense of inadequacy?

Guess what? You do not have to.

Other people hold no power over your emotions, who you are, or how you feel — unless you allow them to.

I’d like to introduce you to a concept — Ego vs. Love. It’s something I’ve been developing for quite a while now.

When you live your life through the lens of ego, you care more about your appearance to others than you do about the love that you give to others. You would much rather the people around you see you in a positive light, than sacrifice that positive light even if it means helping someone else. You care about how you look, you care about your title, you want everyone to think you are successful. You would rather “win” than let someone else win, unless of course that letting someone else win makes you look good in that moment. You define your worth by appearances. What ego does, is lead you to feeling poorly about yourself because it causes you to act on choices that ultimately are not in the best conscience. On the outside, it looks beautiful, but innately it is full of self-loathing, because it’s goal is shallow artifice…

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